12781 Velp Avenue, Suamico, WI

Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Fitness & Wellness
Yoga in the Parks
June 2, 16, 30 | July 14,28 | August 11, 25 @ Ancestry Acres (12787 Velp Ave. Suamico WI, 54313)
Wednesdays from 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Yoga in the Parks is FREE to the public. We have been hosting these classes for 3 years now, and is very well received by the public. Classes are geared towards beginner level yoga styles, and can be modified for those who are more advanced.

FIIT in the Parks

Tae Kwon Do Class
6 sessions throughout the year @ Idlewild Park
Tae Kwon Do is the martial art of choice for all ages.  This course will offer you a unique form of aerobic exercise and give you the opportunity to learn self-defense techniques to protect yourself and others.  Through Tae Kwon Do, you build your self-control and meet people who can be friends for life. Uniform is not included in class cost, nor is it required.  All youth 5-7 years of age must have a paid adult registered for the class with them.
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Footcare Services 
Select Fridays each month
$35.00 for new visits
$30.00 per visit 
This is a service provided by experienced Registered Nurses. Our nurse Karen provides superior care at an affordable price. Payment of cash or check re-quired at time of your appointment. Also, please bring a towel to your appointment. Services include: Warm Foot Soak, Toenails Trimmed, Corns & Calluses Reduced, Lotion with Light Massage. Footcare services are provided at Suamico Municipal Services Center.
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Aging and Disability Resource Center works in conjunction with the Village of Suamico Parks and Recreation Department to provide fun, hands on, learning experiences for themselves, care givers, or those who are interested in learning more about aging and disabilities! Not to mention the delicious meals they provide to our community for FREE!
Please Call the ADRC at 920.448.4300 OR  online at ADRC Schedules Plus to reserve your meal.

The Suamico Municipal Service Center is the home for Weight Watchers program. They meet at 5pm every Tuesday in our board room. Feel fee to join and learn about healthy eating and lifestyle choices!

Pickleball is played at Idlewild Park during the Spring and Summer months. A new Pickleball schedule will be posted in the Spring 2021.


Taking Off Pounds Sensibly is a group of seniors who choose to maintain, and focus on creating a postive lifestyle. TOPS meets every Tuesday morning at 8am @ Idlewild Park Shelter. Feel free to walk-in and join the fun!

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