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The ordinances on this site are from this year and are for convenience purposes only and may not represent the most current or approved version. Therefore, they may not be considered the official copy nor should they be considered a legal representation of the official copy. If you require a copy of the official version of one of these documents or a document from previous years, please contact the Clerk's Office at (920) 434-2212.

2021 Ordinances

2021-01 An Ordinance Amending the Zoning Map to Rezone Parcel SU-42-2 from Rural Residential to Agriculture

2021-02 An Ordinance Amending the Zoning Map to Rezone Parcel SU-469-2 from Public Lands & Institutions to Business

2021-03 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 11 of the Village Code Nuisances/Peace and Order

2021-04 An Ordinance Repealing and Replacing Chapter 3.03 of the Village Code Impact Fees

2021-05 An Ordinance to Repeal and Replace Chapter 11.126 of the Village of Suamico Municipal Code Related to Sex Offender Residency and Prohibited Activity Restrictions

2021-06 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 18, Zoning Code

2021-07 An Ordinance Amending the Zoning Map to Rezone a Part of Parcel SU-385 from Agriculture Farmland Preservation to Rural Residential

2021-08 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 12 to Create Section 12.12, Traffic Control Regarding All-Terrain/Utility-Terrain Vehicles

2021-09 An Ordinance Creating 3.09 Distribution of State Property Tax Credits

2021-10 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 5 Licenses and Permits

2020 Ordinances

2020-01 An Ordinance Repealing 11.111 Sending Obscene or Sexually Explicit Electronic Messages and Replacing with 11.111 Sexting by Minors Prohibited

2020-02 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 6.09 Illegal Deposit of Snow or Other Substances

2020-03 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 10.29 Discharge Prohibitions

2020-04 Updates to Chapter 4 Public Safety

2020-05 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 18, Zoning Code, 18.10 Public Lands & Institutions, Modifying the Building Set-Back

2020-06 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 20, Shoreland/Wetlands of the Municipal Code, Eliminating Redundant Language in 20.12 & 20.99

2020-07 An Ordinance Creating 3.09 Debt Management

2020-08 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 2, Creating Section 2.03(4) Special Circumstances

2020-09 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 4 of the Village Code, Public Safety

2020-10 An Ordinance Amending the Zoning Map to Rezone the Portion of Parcel SU-32 West of Veterans Ave & North of Summerfield Ct from Neighborhood Business to Highway Business

2020-11 An Ordinance Amending Chatper 12 of the Village Code Traffic Control
To view Chapter 12, click here.

2020-12 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 18, Zoning Code

2020-13 An Ordinance Amending the Zoning Map to Rezone SU-259-1, SU-259-2, & SU-259-4 from Public Land & Institutions to Rural Residential

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