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The listening session was held at the Municipal Services Center, 12781 Velp Avenue, from 7 to 8 p.m.

Approximately ten residents attended the listening session (some residents did not sign in).

President Gaura-Jelen and Trustee Athey were present to field questions and comments.


  • What are the ordinances or restrictions the Village has in place about putting overflowing garbage cans out in public view days before garbage pickup - even in front of garages in residential sewered areas where homes are very close to each other?
  • Are there any ordinances against parking cars on lawns?
  • What is the smoking policy in Village vehicles?  Can smoking be banned in Village vehicles?  Staff has been seen tossing cigarette butts out of windows onto lawns of residents.
  • Will our Village Board go on record as opposing the 8% tax hike from the BOE (resolution)?
  • Will we aggressively pursue the state and DNR about draining the swamp at 41 and Lineville for the economic betterment of the community?  (Patricia talk to Jadin?)
  • What about consolidating staff into one facility to cut costs and gain efficiencies?  When will that be discussed publicly?
  • Is there an ad hoc group or can a group be formed to watch over and inform residents of the goings-on at the School Board as it relates to tax increases?
  • Is it legal to have businesses operate out of residential homes - case in point - a Velp Avenue home that sells wood, appliances, etc. next to the road with ugly homemade roadside signs?

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