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Sex Offender Residence Board

It is unlawful for a convicted sex offender to establish a residence within 1,500 feet of any school, licensed day care center, park, trail, playground, place of worship, or any other place designated by the Village as a place where children are known to congregate.  To appeal this requirement, offenders must apply through the Village Clerk's office who will forward the request to the Sex Offender Residence Board that receives reports from the Police Department.  The Sex Offender Residence Board shall convene and consider the public interest as well as the affected party's presentation and concerns.  In making its determination, the Sex Offender Residence Board may consider any or all of the following factors that may be applicable in the particular appeal:

     -The circumstances of the case(s) that have led to the designation as a sexual offender including:

  • Relationship of the appellant and victim;
  • Presence of use of force;
  • Presence of enticement;
  • Proximity in time; and
  • Time out of incarceration.

     -Credibility of the applicant


     -Proximity of the proposed residence to a child congregation area

     -Support network of the applicant

     -Support network and the relationship of those at the proposed residence

     -Counseling and treatment

After deliberation, the Board shall forward its decision in writing to the Village of Suamico Inspection Division and/or the Suamico Police Department for their information and action.  A written copy of the decision shall be provided to the affected party.

The Board consists of the members of the Public Health & Safety Committee and is made up of one trustee and four residents who are appointed by the Village President.  They meet on an as-needed basis.  The meetings are held at the Municipal Services Center, 12781 Velp Avenue.

Members include Joe Bertler, Jeremy Ebner, Robert Matheny, Mike Sheedy, and Dan Roddan - Trustee.

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