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Design Review Committee

The Design Review Committee shall review plans of commercial and industrial buildings for compliance with Design Review Ordinance dated October 17, 2005.  The Committee should:

  1. Encourage growth and development which is consistent with maintaining rural design character and protects and enhances the Village's rural appeal for citizen and visitor use and enjoyment and protect against development which uses standard urban and suburban design approaches;
  2. Implement the goals and policies of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan;
  3. Safeguard property values, protect public and private investments, and promote high-quality commercial, multifamily, and industrial development which is consistent with rural character;
  4. Develop and apply Design Review Standards which do not overly restrict innovation and variety, but are intended to facilitate and assist in focusing on design practices which result in developments which sustain a positive rural design character;
  5. Protect against the problem of highway strip commercial development and to encourage well-designed highway clustered commercial development;
  6. Have a minimum number of prescriptive standards and a maximum number of performance standards to allow flexibility in maintaining or enhancing rural character with new development;
  7. Encourage landscape design which complements the natural landscape, improves the general appearance of the Village, and utilizes locally native plant species;
  8. Protect adjacent landowners from adverse or inappropriate aesthetic impact problems of new development which is not consistent with rural design character;
  9. Establish a formal review process, which includes appropriate criteria for design review related to new or remodeled buildings, site protection, landscaping, and site development; and
  10. Maintain the appearance of design-approved developments throughout the entire life of the development.

The Committee is made up of three regular members, one appointed village citizen, the Village Zoning Administrator and one trustee appointed by the Village President and approved by the Village Board with a term of office for three years.

Members include Mike Schneider - Trustee, Steve Dunks and Sheri Worth.

Agendas & Minutes

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