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Water Utility Rate Case 2019

Important Documents
PSC Final Decision - December 11, 2019
New Rates Effective December 17, 2019

Water Rate Case
October, 2019

1.) Why do the water rates need to go up?

                The last full rate increase was completed and implemented in 2009.  The rates for water consumption went up to cover the continual increases in cost of maintenance and future costs of the equipment and infrastructure needed to provide safe drinking water to the village.  These costs include maintenance of the water mains, water tower, wells, well pumps, well houses, water meters, fixing water main breaks, etc.

2.) Who will be approving the rate increase?

                The Public Service Commission (PSC) of WI oversees most WI utilities.  They reviewed numerous pages of data from the Village’s water utility reports and determined that a rate increase was necessary to cover the continual maintenance and future needs of the water utility. They set the rates and approve any increases. 

3.)  Did the Village Board have anything to do with the rate increase?

                The Village Board does not set the rates. The Village Board only took action to approve the hiring of CLA (consulting firm to analyze the water data) and the filing of the rate case application.    

4.) How was it communicated to the public that there would be a public hearing about the water rates?

                Before implementing a water rate increase, the Public Service Commission requires a public hearing.  The Notice of Public Hearing was published in The Press Times, on the village’s website and posted in the Municipal Building per the Public Service Commission requirements. Letters specific to the hearing were also mailed to ALL water utility customers on October 16th. A telephonic public hearing is being held on November 5, 2019 at 11:00am. Details can be found here: CLICK FOR PUBLIC NOTICE  

5.)  Who can I contact with concerns about the increase?

                Comments may be submitted to the PSC prior to the public hearing via online or mail. Comments may also be submitted at the public hearing via oral or written comment. Details on how to submit comments are included in the public notice.

6.) Where can I view documents related to the 2019 Water Rate Case Study?

You can view all documents between the Suamico Water Utility and the PSC here: http://apps.psc.wi.gov/vs2015/ERF_search/content/searchResult.aspx?UTIL=5795&CASE=WR&SEQ=102&START=none&END=none&TYPE=none&SERVICE=none&KEY=none&NON=N

7.) Do the rates increase to cover the bills of the residents who don’t pay their water bill?

                No.  The rate increase was not implemented to help cover the costs of those residents who don’t pay their quarterly bill.  Procedures are in place to disconnect those customers who do not pay their water bill. 

8.) When will I see a new rate on my water bill?

                New water bill rates are anticipated to be effective the first quarter of 2020.

9.) I want to talk to someone at the Village about my bill.  Who do I contact?

                If you have questions, please contact the Suamico Water Utility staff at 920-434-2212. 

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