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Adopt-A-Road Program

Help keep Wisconsin's roadsides beautiful!

The Village of Suamico initiated the Adopt-A-Road program to allow groups to volunteer and support the state's anti-litter program in a more direct way. Adopt-A-Road helps:

  • Reduce litter along Suamico’s roadways.
  • Builds village wide support for the anti-litter and village beautification programs.
  • Educate the traveling public to properly dispose of litter.
  • Enhance the environment and beautify Suamico’s roadsides.

What does an Adopt-A-Road group do?

  • Each qualified group takes responsibility for litter control on a village designated segment of local and county roads. View the roads available for adoptions.
  • The group picks up litter on this segment at least two times per year between April 1 and November 1.
  • The Adopt-A-Road program emphasizes safety. It is important to be very careful when working on the roadsides. For more information, view the safety information page.
  • Groups do not work in dangerous areas like medians, bridges, or steep slopes.
  • Work is permitted until the group notifies the department of their intent to abandon their segment.

Who can Adopt-A-Road?

  • Any group organized for some special purpose or task can be a sponsor, except partisan or political groups.
  • Each group must provide one adult supervisor for every five or six volunteers. 
  • All volunteers must be at least 11 years of age or in the 6th grade. No other persons should be on the work site.
  • The Village of Suamico reserves the right to revoke and or nullify any permit(s) for any reason it sees fit.

What does the Village of Suamico provide?

  • The Village of Suamico furnishes safety vests, portable "people working" signs, trash bags, trash bag pick-up and disposal, and two acknowledgment signs marking your Road.
  • The Village of Suamico will install the sign announcing your group's litter control sponsorship.
  • Names must fit within the maximum of three lines. You will find specific information on the program application form.
  • The Village of Suamico reserves the right to work with the sponsors in revising group names or acronyms that may be offensive to the public.
  • No fees will be charged to groups accepted into the Adopt-A-Road program.

How can you apply?

  • Groups interested in adopting a road need to identify a segment of road they would like to adopt.
  • Contact the Village of Suamico Department of Public Works.
  • The coordinator will let you know if the segment you are interested in is available for adoption.
  • Once your roadway segment is confirmed, fill out an application form and send it to the Suamico Department of Public Works.
  • Adopt-A-Road segments are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • Your group may be placed on a waiting list if all available road segments are already reserved or if the amount of applications received exceeds available funding for signs and supplies.
  • Once your application is signed and approved by the Village of Suamico this becomes your permit to work on the right of way and your assigned segment in the Adopt-A-Road litter control program.
  • After all group participants, have reviewed the safety instructions and acquired the proper safety gear, vest and "people working" signs, you may begin cleaning your assigned segment.
  • Approved permits are effective indefinitely or until the department receives a "Notice of Abandonment" from your group. This notice tells the department your group has decided to cease its clean-up activities. That segment will then be made available to others wishing to Adopt-A-Road.
Supporting Documents
- Safety Information
- Program Application
- Adopt A Road Map as of 5.6.2021
- Sign Application
- Clean Up Report
- Notice of Abandonment 

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