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Burning Permits

Burning Permit Application

It's time to remind residents that the burning of yard waste material requires a burning permit from the Village.  The Village of Suamico enacted Ordinance 4.19 Open Burning in 2006.  The entire Ordinance can be found on the Village website.  The permit form has all of the requirements on it.  Please read your permit and understand the rules when you purchase it.  Permits are $5 and are good for 10 days.  There are no refunds for inclement weather so be sure to check the forecast before purchasing a burning permit.  Fires cannot be ignited when winds exceed 8 miles per hour.  Also, permits cannot be renewed.  You need a new permit each time you burn unless it is within the 10 days of your current permit.  A permit is required year round. 

Materials that can be burned are limited to dry natural wood, leaves, or charcoal.  Burning materials shall NOT include rubbish, garbage, trash, grass, demolition materials, pallets, rubber, plastic, leather, or painted materials.

The Ordinance allows for fires no larger than 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet high.  If there is more material that needs to be burned, add it gradually rather than burning it all at once.  Larger piles can be burned on a limited basis with the permission of the Fire Chief.  All burning must be done during daylight hours, and all fires must be attended by an individual over 16 years old.  In addition, some form of extinguishment must be present at all times when the fire is burning.

Only the legal owner of a property where the burning is to take place may purchase a burning permit.  Also, per Department of Natural Resources regulations, businesses may not burn any materials that result from doing business, i.e. boxes, pallets, demolition debris, etc.  In addition, the burning of trees and brush from the clearing of property for construction is not allowed under these rules.  Larger amount of debris can be recycled by residents at the Village yard waste site located on Elmwood Road.

Recreational campfires are permitted and do not need a permit as long as they comply with these requirements. The pit can be no more than 3 feet in diameter, must be at least 10 inches deep and surround by a non-combustible material.  These pits must be 50 feet from any structure. Commercially-designed fire pits are also allowed.Bonfires for ceremonial purposes are allowed on a case-by-case basis with the permission of the Fire Chief.

The penalty for burning without a permit, or violating the Burning Ordinance provisions, could result in a forfeit of not less than $25 nor more than $10,000 together with the costs of prosecution.  The responsible party may also be required to reimburse the costs of extinguishing a fire that is illegal or gets away.

The entire ordinance can be found at www.suamico.org.  The regulations on Open Burning can be found in Chapter 4, Section 4.19.  Copies of the ordinance can also be obtained at the Village Office at 12781 Velp Ave.  If there are any further questions, please call the Suamico Fire Department at (920) 434-3201 or the Village Hall at (920) 434-2212.

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