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Dogs, Dogs, Dogs...Checklist for Dog Owners
Does your dog have a license from the Village of Suamico?  YES, this is not your rabies tag; it is a Brown County license you obtain from the Village.
  1. When you walk your dog off your property, is it on a leash and do you carry a bag to pick up the poop?
  2. Speaking of poop, do you keep it from accumulating in the yard? (This requires a jump start when the snow melts.)
  3. When your dog is outside, do you contain it in your yard by leash, fence, or training?  Your dog should not go out to say "hi" to people walking by on the street, even if it is a friendly "hi".  Remember, some people are fearful, allergic, or just don’t want a strange dog approaching them.  Additionally, if they are walking their own dog, the two of them may not get along.  No dog or tame cat should be loose while off their owner’s property.
  4. Do you keep your dog from barking and creating a disturbance?
  5. Finally, every dog should be wearing a collar with the owner’s ID on it.  Tame cats should wear breakaway collars to prevent injury from snagging.

Questions or concerns about any of these items should be directed to our Animal Control Officer, Monica Hoff, at (920) 819-6709.

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