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The day-to-day operations of the Village of Suamico are coordinated by Village Administrator Alex Kaker.  As an appointed official of the Village, the Administrator is also designated by ordinance as the Chief Administrative Officer.  He is responsible for coordination of the following work efforts:
1.   Day-to-day functions of all Village Departments, Operations and Services;
2.   Annual budget preparation and fiscal management;
3.   Labor relations/personnel issues/personnel manual administration;
4.   Intergovernmental cooperation and communications;
5.   Overall planning efforts - Comprehensive Land Use Plan, Strategic Plan, 5-Year Capital Improvements Plan, Outdoor Recreation and Open Space Plan, etc.;
6.   Operations and service efficiency review and analysis;
7.   Implementation and achievement of annual and long term Village goals and objectives;
8.   Balanced administration of Village policies, codes, rules and regulations;
9.   Special projects coordination and management;
10. Proper administration of the business affairs of the Village subject to all of the case and statutory laws of the State of Wisconsin, the ordinances and resolutions of the Village, and the directives of the Board.

Special projects underway in 2019 include the following:
A.  Creation and Revision of the Village of Suamico's 5-year Financial Plan 2020-2024 - Preparation and Approval of the 2020 Village of Suamico Annual Budget;
B.  Norfield Road Wetland Mitigation Bank Planning and Design, and Construction Initiation;
C.  Vickery Village Design and Infrastructure Enhancements - Phase 2A;
D.  Velp Avenue Improvements 2023/24 Planning Efforts (In concert with Brown County and Village of Howard);
E.  Continued Information and Public Awareness Enhancement Efforts - Village of Suamico Website Videos, Public Informational Meetings, Reader Board, HWY 41 Signage Efforts;
F.   Residential Development Stimulation Economic Development Bond - Subdivision Planning, Design and 2019 Construction;
G.  Water Utility Infrastructure Improvements - Water Tower - Well #2 & #3 Evaluation Efforts and Enhancement Efforts;
H.  Fire Station #1 Review Committee Space Needs Study Completion and Design Initiation;
I.  Urban Edge Development Buildout - Cooperative Effort with Midwest Expansion;
J.  Water Rate Studies - Submittal to Wisconsin Public Service Commission for Approval;
K.  2019-2021 Village of Suamico/Brown County Sheriffs Department Law Enforcement Agreement Implementation
L.  East Deerfield Development Project Initiation: Parkview Multifamily/Woodfield Storage Condos

Alex can be reached at (920) 434-2212 or email alexk@suamico.org.

Strategic Plan 2012-2014

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