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Recording Voter Participation

Clerks have begun recording election participation, but it may take up to 45 days for this process to be completed. Please use My Voter Info to continue to track your absentee ballot and the My Voting Activity section to verify your participation for the 2020 General Election.

Voter participation will be entered in the following manner:  All returned absentees (this includes mailed and in person) voter participation will be recorded first, beginning with Ward 1, A-Z and commencing with Ward 8, A-Z. This will be followed by all voter participation on Election Day, beginning with Wards 1-4 and then Wards 5-8. After these are entered, all Election Day Registrations will be entered. We will update here as the recording of voter participation proceeds. This is only the recording of who voted. All ballots were counted and secured on Tuesday evening and transported to the county on Wednesday per Wisconsin statute. No additional votes will be counted. However, it will take some time to add the participation to the MyVote website. Each voter’s unique barcode needs to be scanned to show you voted. We appreciate your patience as we enter the over 8,000 voter names into the database. Once again, the votes were all tabulated on Tuesday and this entering of data is letting the state system know which people had ballots counted.

As of November 23 all voter participation, including Election Day Registrations for Wards have been entered, (one final check for accuracy will take place).

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