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The listening session was held at the Municipal Services Center, 12781 Velp Avenue, from 7 to 8 p.m.

Approximately 6 residents and one additional Trustee attended the listening session.

President Gaura-Jelen and Trustee VanRossum were present to field questions and comments.


  • Hwy 41 drainage of West Deerfield.
  • Boat launch crowding, dredging support (get it in the paper, peoples forum), get Governors help as a "Sportsman".
  • Birch Rd speed limit problems with dump trucks, school buses, cars.
  • Re-zone of Elmer Lade property to residential (Birch Road).
  • Need for increased light industry in Suamico.
  • Repair of Riverside Drive, add black top near cemetary corner as well-trucks are breaking it down.
  • "Senior Playbill Prog" Park & Rec program to get Seniors to Bayport, Bayview plays.
  • Voluntary donation station at Sunset Beach Park for kayakers and canoeists.
  • Solicit Aurora, St V's, Prevea on buying old Town Hall property.
  • Define economic impact from loss of VA Hospital Project.
  • Speeders on Sunset Beach Road
  • Road repair needed in front of St. Bennie's.