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The listening session was held at the Municipal Services Center, 12781 Velp Avenue, from 7 to 8 p.m.

Eleven residents attended the listening session, as well as Administrator Adam Hammatt.

President Gaura-Jelen and Trustee Lund were present to field questions and comments.


  • Disagree respectfully, take turns, time limit?
  • Birch at Harbor Lights - concerned about parking on both sides of the road
  • Concerned about tracks at railroad bridge at Chives (Adam will check on inspection date)
  • Why do we charge a fee for residents to use Idlewild Park?  Some people who built it thought and were told they would get it free.
  • Address fencing around private property next to parks.  Calavera litter, beer cans, noisy tower - why not a building?
  • Why is the gate at Calavera not closed at 10 p.m.?  Winter people park and throw junk.
  • Are there rules on dogs, parking, etc. in the winter?  If so, can we better communicate those rules?
  • Is Ben Schenkelberg trying to move our Police Department to Bellevue?
  • Is there a problem with radios?
  • Are we ever going to get out of debt on our sewer?
  • Can the Village act on draining the northwest corner of Lineville and 41 to make that property developable?  Can we clean those ditches too?
  • Is 41 going to be 55, 29, 41 to Lineville?