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The listening session was held at the Municipal Services Center, 12781 Velp Avenue, from 7 to 8 p.m.

Twelve residents attended the listening session, as well as Administrator Adam Hammatt.

Trustees Garvey and Steffen were present to field questions and comments.


  • Have more listening sessions, liked trustees joining residents at their level
  • How did phases of water get eliminated?
  • Why didn't phases get done?
  • Why did Phase I residents have to hook up?
  • Facility should have gone to referendum
  • Village job descriptions - what are their responsibilities?  Has there been a study done of wages versus job description?  What do they do for residents?
  • Have staff that are top heavy
  • Village is scared to lose employees - that is why they pay so much
  • Method Village used to notify commission members they are no longer on board.  If they want to stay on, they should be allowed to.
  • How many more units can our wells hold?
  • Is Village looking forward?
  • Sunset Beach - why access to beach?
  • Village needs to live within a budget.
  • When is Riverside near overhead going to be fixed?
  • When will the snowmobile ordinance be enforced?