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UPCOMING EVENT: On Saturday April 29, 2017 from 10a-2p, the Village of Suamico will again be hosting the Drug Take Back Event. The event will take place in the front lobby of the Suamico Village Hall. See the attached flier for more information. 

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The Village of Suamico contracts with the Brown County Sheriff's Office for 24-hour police services.  If you need to contact a Suamico police officer, please call the Brown County Sheriff's Department at (920) 391-7450.  As always in case of an emergency, you should dial 911.

When you call for a Suamico Police Officer and one arrives at your door, please expect to see an officer dressed in the Brown County Sheriff's Office uniform.  These Deputies have been assigned to work in the Village, know it well, and understand the issues we have here.  Your help in fighting crime is always appreciated.

For an EMERGENCY, please dial 911.

What is an EMERGENCY

"The purpose of 9-1-1 is to provide the public with a local access point to request immediate assistance from police, fire and rescue personnel for any in-progress situation that could potentially result in danger to someone’s life and/or property. " - Browncounty911.com

What should I expect when I call 911?

Helpful Telephone Numbers:

 Suamico Municipal Court Clerk       (920) 434-8410       Crisis Center  (920) 436-8888  
 Brown County Sheriff's Office  (920) 448-4200  FBI  (920) 432-3868
 Crime Prevention Information  (920) 448-4204  DNR Office  (920) 492-5800
 District Attorney's Office  (920) 448-4190  BCSO (TDD)  (920) 435-0763
 Brown County Jail  (920) 391-6800  Small Claims Court  (920) 448-4287
 County Health Department  (920) 448-6400  Restraining Orders  (920) 448-4155
 Consumer Protection  (920) 448-5110    

Helpful Websites:

 Amber Alert  Legislative Reference Bureau
 Brown County Sheriff's Office  National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
 Crime Stoppers, Inc.  Wisconsin Department of Corrections Sex Offender  Registry
 D.O.T. Work Zones  Wisconsin Department of Transportation
 Federal Emergency Management Agency  Wisconsin's Missing Children
 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA for  kids)  My Neighborhood Update

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